InControl Touch Pro Duo Infotainment System

Range Rover Velar Incontrol Touch Pro duo

So what’s all the fuss about the new InControl Touch Pro Duo infotainment system? The Range Rover Velar will be the first Jaguar Land Rover vehicle to feature this revolutionary new system.

At its heart is an Intel Quad Core processor and a high speed 60gb solid-state hard drive. Linked up to two high definition 10 inch touch screens by an ultrafast ethernet network. This makes for a smooth user interaction and high quality graphics.  4G connectivity opens up a world of online functions and location based services.

Range Rover Velar InControl Touch Pro Duo


Two 10inch high definition touchscreen for the centre piece of the minimalist dash and centre console.

Upper touchscreen

Located in the instrument panel’s horizontal beam. The upper touch screen and is gently curved to allow the screen to sit perfectly flush with the surrounding dashboard. Land Rover says the curve has been enabled by the use of optical bonding.

Suspending the flat TFT display in an optical resin is said to eliminate air gaps that can cause reflections and parallax images. In addition the screen can be electrically tilted through 30 degrees which allows the driver to set it at the perfect position.

Once the ignition is turned off the screen returns to the flush position and when turned on again it returns to the previously set position.

The upper touchscreen menu is separated into three panels for Navigation, Media and Telephony. Interaction will come naturally to anyone adept at using any tablet with swiping and pinching used to change menus and zoom in and out of mapping.

Lower Touchscreen

The lower touchscreen is integrated into the Range Rover Velar’s centre console and manages the Climate and Terrain Response functions. To enhance safety and to avoid the driver being too ‘heads down’ the functions are deliberately kept simple.  There are no animated images or complex menus to distract the drivers eyes from the road.

To compliment the lower touchscreen there are two tactile rotary controllers. They dynamically change functions depending on the function screen in use and can be used to control cabin temperature, massage seat settings or terrain response mode.

Between these two controllers is a knob to control the audio system.

Below the rotaries is a row of hidden till lit capacitative switches which are lit in white when not in use and yellow when activated. These switches control Max A/C and defrost settings, dynamic stability control and hill descent control settings.

Land Rover have released a film detailing the functions of the InControl Touch Pro Duo in the new Range Rover Velar.


Range Rover Velar’s InControl Touch Pro Duo system includes a 4g internet connection which allows online features and a WiFi hotspot for up to 8 connected devices.

You can use the online search to find your destination and the system can tell you if you have enough fuel to complete the journey. If not, you will be alerted and filling stations on the route that are within range will be shown on the map. Clicking on one will set it as a waypoint. Fuel prices and Filling Station Brand can also be shown.

Real-time traffic information helps you to avoid congestion and plan alternative routes. If you are delayed, Touch Pro Duo’s Share ETA Mode can send your location and estimated time of arrival to chosen contacts via email or text message. If you are further delayed the system can automatically send further updates to loved ones.

When you approach the end of your journey, Arrival Mode shows a 360° interactive view of your destination using street level imagery. The system can then find you a nearby parking space and direct you straight to it.

A route planning app enables you to programme a route in advance on your smartphone, which will then automatically be uploaded to the system once you’re in the vehicle.

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Incontrol Remote

The InControl Remote app allows the owner to lock and unlock their vehicle, check how much fuel is in the tank or where the vehicle is parked using a smartphone or smartwatch. It’s even possible to start the engine and set the climate control system or park heater remotely.

Secure Tracker technology allows the owner to track a stolen vehicle using the Land Rover app on their smartphone. If the vehicle is broken into or moved illegally, the app will alert the driver and the monitoring centre to help pinpoint and recover it as soon as possible. Even if the vehicle is stolen using the keys, the owner can alert the tracking call centre using the smartphone app.

Drivers gain extra peace of mind thanks to SOS Emergency call technology with Automatic Collision Detection and Optimised Assistance. In the event of an emergency, an SOS call notifies the emergency services of the location of the vehicle. Should the vehicle break down, Optimised Assistance transmits its GPS location and vehicle diagnostics data to a recovery company.

Media and audio

As well as offering unrivalled connectivity, the Range Rover Velar offers a choice of four premium audio systems, each one developed to integrate perfectly with Velar’s cabin and deliver exceptional sound quality, most of all the 1,600W Signature Sound System developed with renowned British audio experts Meridian.

This state-of-the-art surround sound system delivers an unparalleled listening experience for all occupants through 23 perfectly placed speakers, enhanced with Audyssey MultEQ XTdigital audio tuning and Trifield 3D sound processing technology. These combine to produce a truly immersive experience which perfectly reproduces the original recording.

As an optional extra the Range Rover Velar is available with a Rear Seat Entertainment system. It comprises two 8-inch HD touchscreens in true 15:9 widescreen format. Two remote controls and two sets of WhiteFire-connected wireless headphones are available to keep the kids entertained.

The screens are independent, so each one can play a different movie or, where available, digital TV channel. The twin USB 3.0 ports or the HDMI and HDMI/MHL connectors enable rear-seat occupants to stream media from smartphones and tablets. Front-seat occupants can select and monitor the content shown on the rear screens, and can also turn off individual screens, if desired.