Range Rover Velar Owners Manual

Velar owners manual

As the launch of the Range Rover Velar draws ever closer, more and more details are emerging about the new SUV. Land Rover has now updated its ownership website to include an Owners Manual for the 2018 Velar.

Unfortunately it is not downloadable at this time but it’s great for future owners to browse as they await delivery of their Velar. It’s great to see exactly how all those fancy bits will work in the real world. For example it shows how the Velar’s much talked about retractable door handles lock and unlock, using both the fob and the button on the handle. Full details are shown as to how the InControl Touch Pro Duo works better than any review could describe at this early stage. Although we did give it a go in our recent review!

You can find the Velar Owners Manual over at Land Rover’s website at:-