Range Rover Velar Interior – we put a magnifying glass through the pan roof

At this early stage, we don’t have official pictures of the Range Rover Velar’s interior. However the Teaser picture released by Land Rover, does give us a sneak preview of the dashboard though the panoramic roof. So we took a magnifying glass, took a peak and wondered what interior might look like in the Range Rover Velar.

Interior of the new Range Rover Velar as seen zoomed through the pan roof
Peak at the interior though the Pan Roof of the Range Rover Velar

Velar Infotainment

As expected we can see a version of the latest InControl Infotainment System. With a possible TFT instrument cluster with a large colour display in the centre of the cluster. It remains to be seen whether this will be user configurable like the Audi system.

A two tone steering wheel is shown with a similar button setup to the Range Rover Sport. The two tone look is very similar to that on the latest generation Volvo XC90 which is producing some fantastic interiors at the moment. Next to this slim line air vents, which seem to be fixed. As apposed to the theatrical reveal of Jaguar’s air vents.


There doesn’t appear to be separate controls for climate control, which may suggest this might be incorporated into the infotainment system. Only 5 illuminated buttons are visible under the screen. This maybe indicative of a simplified cleaner look to the dashboard. However could be due the angle of the photo.

The photo unfortunately does not give sight of the selector for the transmission. We do expect this to be the same rotary selector that has been seen on the latest Range Rover and Jaguar models. It should retain the raising and retracting action as these models.

Overall the photo does indicate the usual airy, high quality interior we have become accustomed to from the Range Rover brand. High quality leathers with increasingly cutting edge technologies.

Anybody used to the Sport will feel instantly at home.