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petrol or diesel
Hello everyone,

I need advice.
I intend purchasing a new Velar but I just CANNOT decide whether to get A D300 or a P400. I decide on one then change my mind over and over again.
I like the thought of 400bhp in the petrol then I think the significant increase in torque of the diesel would be better. Would the petrol be a sportier drive and quieter or what? I have had sporty cars for the last 10 years (m3's) and mpg makes no difference to me at all. I only do 7k miles per year and only short journeys. Would I miss the "poke" of a petrol or the D300 torque make up for it?
Obviously a test drive in each would be ideal but I cannot stand dealing with salesmen id I can help it.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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