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Velar spotted
Driving up the M1 tonight heading north just south of Sheffield I saw a car transporter fulll of JLR cars. On the top deck at the very front (with an F-Pace parked right behind it) was a Velar, in Indus Silver, I don't think it was not an R-dynamic, but had HSE wheels on it - looked ace! I wonder if it is off to a dealership as a demo car.

Made me wonder has anyone had any invites to any open days etc? I remember when the Evoque came out they had some great events prior to launch.
Nice spot! Those are the wheels I went for in the end! Can't wait.

I think a few dealer cars are out there. I'm pretty sure Farnell Land Rover in Bradford have one in the showroom. I went past on Sunday and spotted it through the window! I'm at a loose end today so I may pop in.

Actually just checked, my eyes were not deceiving me!
Hi In Doncaster I spotted one Velar in show room on Sunday and  I had a test drive on Monday morning at 8 am sales man told me I was the first one to have test drive. I am eagerly waiting for my Velar SE R Dynamic which was booked on  14/4/17. i was promised that the first car to be delivered to me. I can't wait any longer !!!!!
Excellent welcome! Congratulations on your purchase, how did you find the test drive? What engine are you going for?

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