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Velar on display at The Trafford Centre - Manchester
Went over to see the Velar in the Trafford Centre. Very very nice in the metal and has turned my head spec wise. Was going for just the Velar spec in Corris Grey but having seen the R-Dynamic today i'll be changing it for that. I wasn't sure about the copper accents but they look superb.

It was a top spec HSE P380 with a load of extras taking the price of the display model up to £84,640 - Yikes!

Loads of Land Rover guys to ask questions as well. It was worth the trip out to the Trafford Centre on a Saturday which I would normally walk through fire to avoid!
Thanks for the pics Velar. I won't be able to see the car in the flesh until mid May, so I found the photos really useful......
No probs. It was good to see and has convinced me I'm making the right choice. You can only get so much from pictures and the configurator. 

Externally it is very 'Range Rover', it looks fabulous from the front, the rear I'm struggling with a little bit but I don't dislike it at all. The boot is a decent size, certainly an upgrade on my evoque, but has a really high floor to facilitate the under boot for storage. Not sure if this is adjustable.

The retractable door handles feel incredibly high quality. I was a bit afraid they would feel flimsy but they feel really solid and operate very smoothly. Plus they contain little LEDs to light up the handle area but it was nearly impossible to see in the light of the Trafford Centre.

On the stand they had lots of exterior paint / leather / interior trim samples to touch and look at, which i found really useful as I'm struggling with those choices. I think I'm set on Corris Grey with light oyster leather.

The part that blew me away is the infotainment. I have to admit I'm a gadget freak so this was the bit I was excited about seeing. The TFT displays are incredibly sharp and bright, no picture I have seen have done them justice really. Didn't have chance to play with it as there was a queue to people trying to get inside, so I will have a proper play when it comes to my local dealer on the tour.

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