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Velar Secure Tracker
When i was going through the spec for my Velar, the dealer seemed quite surprised i wasn't going for the secure tracker.

got me thinking, obviously some insurance companies require a tracker,
is the factory fit Land Rover tracker insurance approved?
This is one of those debates, personally if someone goes joy riding in my car I'm not sure that I would actually want it back when they have finished with it!

The problem is, like you say, some insurance companies insist on it. Not sure if the Velar tracker is insurance approved.

I have to admit I tend to think a good GAP insurance is preferable from my point of view. But that's me.
Ok had a quick look online and it appears the Velar's tracker is insurance approved. It is a Thatcham category 6 compliant. Found it on the FAQ for InControl Secure on the Land Rover website -

However I had a quick look on the Thatcham website out of interest (slow day at work!). Of the 2 tracker specs they use category 6 is the lower of the 2. The higher spec being category 5. So if your insurance company insists on a cat 5 tracker your shiny new Velar with its optional cat 6 tracker still might have to have a new tracker fitted!

Food for thought!
Thanks Velar!

Just had a word with my insurance company, who hadn't heard of the Velar so not sure which, if any, they would want.

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