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Velar Digital TV
Having a bit of a dilemma over whether I should add the Digital TV to my Velar spec. Currently have the digital TV in my Evoque but it came as standard. However I like and use it much more than I thought I was going to. Although you obviously can't use it in motion I find myself listening to it, probably more than I actually listen to music now.

On the Velar it is a £880 option and I just can't persuade myself that it is a good idea to lash out that sort of money on an option. Help me!
Not something I've thought about, if you use them at the mo. then go for it, you'll only regret having to change your routine because you didn't go for an option that is a v small % of the purchase price.
Yeah that's very true! This will be by far the most expensive car I've ever bought and it will do my head in if it's not right!

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