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Release Date
Anyone know when the velar is released in the UK?
Good Morning Glenden

I spoke to my local dealer in the UK at the weekend and they said that they were taking deposits right now. Closer to the time of building the car they will be in touch to confirm your final specification. I got the impression that the deposit was just to secure a build slot.

They said they expected deliveries to commence in September.

Are you thinking of ordering?
Hey Velar, thanks for that.

Yeah I am. I really really like it. I was half way to ordering a Macan before I saw the Velar and it just makes the Macan look dull. The Macan is an amazing car and technically its a masterpiece but I was never taken with the styling, both inside and out. And don't get me started on the standard equipment (or lack thereof) and the cost of the options!

The Velar could be perfect for me - just need to justify the price in my head!

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