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Order cancelled....
Morning all
I thought it an interesting topic to open up latest thoughts now that hopefully at least some of you have had the chance to go and see / sit in / drive / or be lucky enough to be one of the first customers to take delivery of their new pride and joy. I was lucky to be able to drive one a couple of weekends ago and it gave me a few nights of restless sleep. 

Firstly worth noting that Simon Lewis at Land Rover in Leeds has been fantastic, I spent c2.5 hours with him and his customer service was 1st class, nothing was too much trouble and time was never an issue.

So why have I cancelled, just down to personal choice, I think the front of the car looks amazing and am sure that future RR and RR Sport models will follow suit with different grills and copper bits which look great, what I couldn't get my head around was the height for such a big car, as one was parked in a bay next to a RR Sport the x5cm in length was not noticeable to the eye, what was obvious though was the 15cm reduced height and the very different profile in terms of gap between the top of the wheel and the wheel arch - this is very car like on the Velar.

I watch more online footage and note that in 'deep water mode' the air suspension lifts the car up c10cm and when it did, it made it look like a 4x4 and the car I wanted.

So after much thinking and then some looking around I've cancelled my order, I've bought a 15 plate HSE Dynamic RR Sport instead with only 12.5k miles it is c£12k cheaper than the Velar and comes with Air Suspension, the 3 litre powertrain I was after but couldn't justify / afford in the Velar etc etc. 

I am not trying to dissuade anyone from a Velar - it is going to be a great car for sure, just stating what I decided to do and offer my thoughts.

I'm sure I'll see them on the road and will question my decision but for now at least I think I've made the right decision.

Please don't ban me from this site - I'll be really interested in what people have to say as they get their cars.

All the best 

Hi there!

It's a huge amount of money and you have to be happy with it. I think you're right, it's not really a true 4x4 look, it's more of a big estate. 

I'm sure you are loving your new Range Rover Sport and I'm sure I speak for everyone to say that you are more than welcome to continue to hang out here!
Ahh sorry to hear you've cancelled the Velar but so glad to hear that you have what you were looking for.

Of course we wouldn't ban you from the the site, everybody is welcome, owner or not!


I ordered my Velar in March 2018 and it didn’t arrive for 24 weeks!! ( was told 12!)
After a month Since delivery I’m so pleased I waited despite nearly cancelling it twice !

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