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OBD port
So a new model but can access still be gained to the OBD port without the ignition on which is JLRs Achilles heel on all other models?
I really hope not! I really don't want spend a good chunk of my hard earned on a Velar. Only for some low life to drive it off within a matter of seconds!

I guess we won't know untill we have access to a vehicle to have a look.
Sorry for my ignorance but what is this all about?
There was a security vulnerability on cars with keyless entry exposed by BBC's Watchdog program in the last few years.  I didn't really see whether a fix had been implemented. I really hope they have found a solution for it on the velar!
On most current LR cars it is possible for thieves to replicate a key and drive the car off in seconds by plugging a device into the diagnostic port of the car which is live with the ignition off.  BMW and Audi had the same problem,  It literally takes seconds, thieves need access to the interior so usually break a window and lean in.
:o   That's not good. I really hope they have solved this on the Velar.

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