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Kids + Velar
Hello everyone!

You surely haven't heard this before so gear up.  I have just placed the order for my Velar! She'll be a beauty in Firenze Red with the black exterior package, black contest roof and oyster/ebony interior.  I'm so excited. This will be my 3rd Land Rover vehicle.  I had an 03' Discovery and 06' LR3.  I have 3 kids, a 4 year old, 3 year old and 1 year old.  I intend for them to all sit 3 in a row in the Velar.  Now before you laugh, let me assure you, they fit - carseats and all.  I was contemplating, more like dreaming of getting a Tesla Model X and purchased a particular carseat brand that is extremely narrow and fits 3 in a row in most second rows.  For those curious the brand is Clek.  When first contemplating the Velar I did not think it would work for me as I found a carseat blog that reviewed Velar and said it only supported 2 carseats.  Then upon further research I realized there are only two seats of latches, but 3 anchors - making 3 carseats possible as long as they fit - which meraculously they do!  I intend on seating my 1 year old behind me rear facing (latched), my 3 year old forward facing behind the passenger seat (latched) and my 4 year old will sit in the middle forward facing (seat belted and anchored).  Before anyone comments that I need a minivan, I have one. And I'm wanting to get far, far away from that.  

Aside from the sheer horror some of you may be feeling having envisioned this I am looking for some positive feedback from those of you who have small children in carseats who could give me any encouragemnet or advice! Thank you!
Hi Ninastarr - can you see the tumble weed? There's not many of us out there yet. Not even looked in the back of my Velar yet - my kids are all grown up and that's probably why I can afford a velar - lol. Enjoy the drive

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