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Hi from Australia!
Just found this forum, hoping to talk to other potential Velar owners.
currently driving a BMW X4 but had an Evoque previously, bought X4 because Evoque was under powered and Sport too big. Velar looks perfect for me to return.
talk soon.
A very warm welcome to you Grizzley

Glad to see you are thinking of returning to the brand. I agree with you, currently have an Evoque but always find the engine underpowered and a bit too unrefined for the Range Rover name. 

Looked at a few others, Macan and the Merc GLE AMG but always found the interiors to be a bit plain.

My local dealer lent me a RR Sport while the Evoque was being fixed (again!) and its just a bit too big for our tiny car parks spaces in the UK!

Velar looks perfect for me, good engine choices and all the touch screens will satisfy my geeky side as well! 

What spec are you thinking about getting?
Welcome! Good to see a few more people on this site!
Thanks guys..
I'm looking at the HSE P380, great engine and good specs. We don't have pricing in Australia yet though...
Excellent! That's an amazing sounding motor. 

I'm in the uk and the price we have for the HSE P380 is £70210 sterling without options. Im sure it's not as simple as just applying the exchange rate, but it might give you an idea.

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