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250P Impressions or reviews
Greetings all, I'm interested in a 250P but haven't been able to find any reviews of it yet. Has anybody driven it? Or found a review you could post? Is it adequately powerful? Its published 0-60 times look encouraging to me. Is it sufficiently smooth and quiet? Thanks very much!
All good questions, Zznalg. I'd like to hear the answers to them as well. It can't be that no one here has driven a 250P yet, could it?
I tested the 2ld, 2lp and 3ld. The 250p was my favourite. For me the 2ld detracted from the premium experience, so I ruled that out. The 3ld was much better, but pricey. The 250p had good performance, felt smooth enough for a premium car and was a good price, so I bought it. Talking to the dealer, I suspect the biggest drawback will be range.
I get the impression that the 250p will be one of the most popular options as diesel is now the spawn of Satan or so we are led to believe. I was working to a budget so only got th 180d but the performance is adequate and identical to my previous Evoques. Ironically my circumstances changed 2 days before handover and I could have gone for the 250p. Cest la vie. ?
2018 R Dynamic S Firenze red with contrast roof and black pack. Prior to that 2 Evoques 

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