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2019 RsDynamic with parking sensor error?
Hi we have bought an Velar - RS Dynamic P250 SE, and our surprise was that after we get home I notice that the front right parking sensor is showing all the time like if there is something very near the bumper in that area… the problem is that is not true nothing there, I try cleaning the sensors and all that, but nothing help, so I think that maybe the problem can be a sensor fault or maybe the cables that connect the sensors, so I return to the dealer for warranty and they answer me that this is a problem with the RsDynamic 2019 and that Land Rover know it and are working in this [Image: tango_face_surprise.png] but don't have a solution until now and the only option they give me is turn of all the sensors from the front, until when Land Rover have a solution… This is very disappointed[Image: tango_face_sad.png] with that because I pay for the driver package that use those sensor for various of its functions and now they tell me to disconnect and lost those features for what I pay? and more disappointed that they never tell us that there was a problem and that Land Rover know it in first place... they continue to sell this cars with this problem, without inform the client about it?? I cant believe that I am the only one that found this problem and that is know by Land Rover??. I cant believe that a company like Land Rover ship vehicles like this with this defects, and I have not ear that any other have the same issue, with the 2019 dynamic bumper.

What you think about this ? have some other have this problem? [Image: confused.gif]

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